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Welcome to Pollmann!

Welcome to the Pollmann website. Here you will find extensive information about the company, the products, services and people responsible for our high-quality portfolio. Pollmann International operates on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America – in the countries of China, U.S.A., Czech Republic and Austria. The headquarters are located in Karlstein, Austria. If you cannot find information you are looking for, please contact us by email or phone.

Frank Pluschke; Head of International Sales

A warm welcome to Frank Pluschke!
New leadership in International Sales at Pollmann

Last month, we were delighted to welcome Frank Pluschke to our company. He joined Pollmann on May 2 as Head of International Sales and will also manage the sales team in Austria.

“Working with such a motivated and experienced team, I am excited to help shape Pollmann’s future success. Defining the main focus of his work, Frank Pluschke states: “I am especially looking forward to strengthening our existing market position on the global automotive markets. Values like reliability and continuity that have been deeply engrained in the Pollmann culture for many years will help us achieve this goal. With this culture and our individual and personal service, we are perfectly positioned to continue building relationships with our customer partners.”


Robert Pollmann, DI (FH) Herbert Auer (CEO Pollmann International), Erwin Negeli (CEO Pollmann Austria), Rainer Hobiger (Pollmann), Peter Ulrich (CEO Leyrer & Graf), Markus Pollmann

Breaking ground

(April 2016)
The production area at Pollmann Austria is at full capacity. The new building currently under construction will add 13,000 square feet of production space.

A major part of this new space has already been allocated to a large-scale door lock project. “We are very excited", says Pollmann Austria CEO Erwin Negeli, “because it shows that we have established an excellent reputation in the door lock segment not only with our existing customers. We were also able to win a new customer for a highly sophisticated project.”

At the Karlstein location, Pollmann specializes in the production of complex metal-plastic composites in high volumes and has extensive know-how in the development and production of overmolded parts. “The important point is that in this segment, we are not simply a manufacturer of injection molding parts, but are also able to offer down-stream processes along the value-added chain of the product. This includes the automated placement of micro switches, the soldering of diodes or processing steps such as molding, welding or riveting”, Negeli explains.


Pollmann Austria continues to expand

(Feburary 2016)
The production facilities at Pollmann Austria have reached their capacity. To expand our manufacturing area, we are adding a new 13,000 square foot building.

 The components and assemblies which we produce in large quantities for our automotive customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. At the same time, the requirements for manufacturing processes continue to increase and production machines are becoming more complex. More and more injection molding machines and downstream equipment are merged into "production units" which require additional space. The peripheral equipment is state-of-the-art to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements and to ensure the optimization of logistics space and occupational safety.


from left to right: Greg Harriman (CEO Pollmann North America), Erwin Negeli (CEO Pollmann Austria and Czech Republic) Christian Schreiberhuber (CFO Pollmann International) Herbert Auer (CEO Pollmann International), Vaclav Krsik (CEO Pollmann Czech Republic), Michael Hauer (Plant Manager Pollmann Czech Republic), Ewald Miksche (CEO Pollmann China)

Get ready for exciting developments
at Pollmann in 2016!

The excitement around the New Year seems long gone and we are all back to our daily routine. Well, not all of us! The management team of Pollmann International has used the beginning of the new year to scrutinize its product portfolio and is already deeply involved in implementing the goals and projects that were developed. Pollmann has big plans for 2016.

First and foremost, the automotive company wants to offer a portfolio of precisely tailored services and expertise to meet its customers' needs even better. "This creates a foundation for working together from the idea to product innovation, and it also improves the long-term competitive power of our customers." This is how CEO Herbert Auer describes Pollmann's strategy for continued growth.

We look forward to working with you on many exciting projects.

The management team of Pollmann International

Pollmann Czech Republic doubling in size

November 2015
With 480 employees, Pollmann is the largest employer in Neuhaus/CZ today. During the past 18 months, the company has again invested heavily in the infrastructure at this location. Additional production facilities were purchased, restored and brought up to Pollmann standards. This doubled the production area to 15.500 m² at the CZ location of 39.000 m².

Thanks to its excellent transportation links, Pollmann CZ has positioned itself perfectly for projects involving large quantities.

This focus of the Czech Republic location is also in line with the planned company development and strategic expansion of Pollmann Europe. What began as an "extended workbench "in Neuhaus/CZ has now developed into an independent production facility thanks to the excellent cooperation between the Austrian and Czech colleagues.


Downsizing – physical foaming for lighter-weight components

(November 2015)
Saving resources, reducing weight and increasing energy efficiency – these are the key factors in modern vehicle manufacturing. That is why Pollmann product development has been involved in the physical foaming of plastic housings for more than 10 years.

Parts with large surfaces (covers) are ideal applications for physical foaming. In addition, this technology has also become very useful in insert molding for components such as door locks.


Managing Director Erwin Negeli and Quality Manager Christoph Schuh-Wendl officially accepted the award in the Palais Ferstl in Vienna.

5* stars for excellence and special prize for Pollmann
at the presentation of the State Award for Enterprise Quality

July 2015

This year, Pollmann entered the competition for the State Award for Enterprise Quality 2015 for the first time and placed among the top contenders right away. As part of an EFQM assessment (European Foundation for Quality Management) performed by Quality Austria, Pollmann received more than 500 points and achieved the "EFQM Recognised for Excellence 5*" level.

In addition, Pollmann was honored by the jury with a special prize - a prize which was awarded to only two participants. Pollmann received this nomination under the title: "Competent and committed employees through management based on partnership".


Herbert Auer
Christian Schreiberhuber

Management changes at Pollmann International
Dynamic team for new automotive markets

June 2015
With Herbert Auer as International Managing Director of the Pollmann Group and Christian Schreiberhuber as Managing Director of Finance and Controlling, two automotive experts will move into leadership positions at Pollmann International and strengthen the family-owned, global company.

The trend in the automotive industry is undergoing a reversal. Autonomous driving and alternative drive technologies bring new challenges to the industry and new opportunities for Pollmann. As company owners Markus and Robert Pollmann are happy to point out: "Our team has the technical creativity and process expertise that our customers need in a changing market. This will enable the new leadership to open up new opportunities."


Next generation
Leadframes without pre-overmolding

In many applications, leadframes are integrated in components so that they can perform the function of carrying signals or providing power to switches or engines. The common approach is to make a “pre-overmold” and place it automatically in the injection molding tool. This is a successful process which has been used millions of times and offers high stability and proven technology. The increasingly tight available space places stricter requirements on component cleanliness, and the density of parts, most of them similar to housings, requires new methods to meet these requirements.


Autonomous driving

Just like CO2 reduction, “autonomous driving” is currently a hot topic in the automotive industry. Since Pollmann produces components for electric steering systems which are an essential part of self-driving cars.

Very interested in
We have become very interested and involved in this developing field. For experts, “autonomous driving” means that you get in the car, enter the destination, and the car drives from A to B completely on its own.

Completely Autonomously without Driver
Mercedes-Benz has demonstrated that we already have the technology to do this: In 2013, a vehicle based on a modified new S-class retraced the first historic road trip by Bertha Benz from Mannheim to Pforzheim – but this time completely autonomously without driver intervention. See also video


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