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Welcome to Pollmann!

Welcome to the Pollmann website. Here you will find extensive information about the company, the products, services and people responsible for our high-quality portfolio. Pollmann International operates on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America – in the countries of China, U.S.A., Czech Republic and Austria. The headquarters are located in Karlstein, Austria. If you cannot find information you are looking for, please contact us by email or phone.

Break-through in E-Mobility!

Andreas Greulberger is convinced: “Electric vehicles will have reached price and range parity with internal combustion engine-powered vehicles before 2025.” Greulberger, Head of Innovation & Design at Pollmann, has been following battery cell manufacturers worldwide who are in the process of setting up new factories. By 2028, these capacities will be able to supply approx. 25% of all vehicles built each year with batteries for purely electrically powered vehicles (BEV).

But there's more. Andreas Greulberger also anticipates strong growth for hybrid models. This applies to all technical concepts and designs such as mild hybrids (MHV), hybrids (HV) and plug-in hybrids (PHV).


Clean energy in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are gearing up for the post-oil era. But how quickly can you convince a region that has grown big and rich on crude oil and natural gas to buy into electric Propulsion?
The good news came in late November. The Dubai authorities will continue to permit private e-car users to charge their cars for free at the city's 200 or so charging points over the next two years. Originally, the campaign would have expired at the end of this year.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority which is responsible for the conversion to e-drives is also offering other incentives to get the population of the emirate excited about electric cars: Drivers of e-cars are exempt from registration fees, enjoy extended warranty periods, park free of charge and do not have to pay road tolls.


Headteacher Manuela Gegenbauer in front of an interactive board

Digital chalkboards for creative classroom learning

The new Elementary School Karlstein was able to open in time for the start of school in September.
Today, modern teaching also includes electronic teaching aids such as interactive whiteboards. Markus Pollmann believes in a game-based approach to modern methods. That is why he and his company financially supported the elementary school in the purchase of interactive boards – the new digital blackboards.


The key component for our competitive strength

What are the Pollmann innovation teams?

We at Pollmann believe that focusing our core competencies on the five product groups Roof, Door, Engine, Powertrain and e-Mobility is the key to our global competitiveness. Because this gives us instant visibility on the market. And internally, it allows us to experience the growing product requirements first hand. These two factors inspire us to constantly come up with outstanding production solutions.


e-Mobility around the world
The rickshaw that runs on coal-fired power

Guest article by WEKA Industrie Medien/Piotr Dobrowolski

India has the opportunity to assume a pioneering role in e-mobility similar to the one Norway has in Europe. Just under different conditions. As the first country of its size, India plans to make a complete switch to electric drives.

Punit Goyal, founder of Blu Smart Mobility in Western India, has a vision: “In 2047, the year of India's hundredth birthday as an independent state, cars with electric drives will be the only ones driving on our roads.”


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