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Welcome to Pollmann!

Welcome to the Pollmann website. Here you will find extensive information about the company, the products, services and people responsible for our high-quality portfolio. Pollmann International operates on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America – in the countries of China, U.S.A., Czech Republic and Austria. The headquarters are located in Karlstein, Austria. If you cannot find information you are looking for, please contact us by email or phone.

The key component for our competitive strength

What are the Pollmann innovation teams?

We at Pollmann believe that focusing our core competencies on the five product groups Roof, Door, Engine, Powertrain and e-Mobility is the key to our global competitiveness. Because this gives us instant visibility on the market. And internally, it allows us to experience the growing product requirements first hand. These two factors inspire us to constantly come up with outstanding production solutions.


e-Mobility around the world
The rickshaw that runs on coal-fired power

Guest article by WEKA Industrie Medien/Piotr Dobrowolski

India has the opportunity to assume a pioneering role in e-mobility similar to the one Norway has in Europe. Just under different conditions. As the first country of its size, India plans to make a complete switch to electric drives.

Punit Goyal, founder of Blu Smart Mobility in Western India, has a vision: “In 2047, the year of India's hundredth birthday as an independent state, cars with electric drives will be the only ones driving on our roads.”


application: connecting piece for fuel pump

PPS – The high performer among plastics

Overmolding of conductor paths requires a tool that meets the highest standards

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) – for chemists, this is a semi-crystalline plastic whose aromatic monomer units are linked by sulfur atoms - for practitioners, it is a material that can solve special problems in injection molding. The catch: There are stringent requirements in terms of tool and processing which have to be met.



Red Cross: Josef Zimmermann, Johann Eggenhofer, Bernhard Schierer, Bernhard Bäck, Stefan Steinschaden and Julian Johannes Hartl

Red Cross Waidhofen prepared alert and action plan for Pollmann

On October 29, the Red Cross Waidhofen submitted to Pollmann a comprehensive alert and action plan which is intended to ensure a rapid response to extreme events.


To develop this emergency plan, we worked closely with Mr. Eggenhofer (Red Cross Waidhofen), looking carefully at every possible emergency scenario at Pollmann and taking into account the conditions on the company premises and in Karlstein. The main focus of the plan is on the coordinated rescue of human lives, medical first aid and the controlled transport to hospitals in collaboration with other supporting organizations such as the fire department. For the regional office Waidhofen, this emergency plan includes important prerequisites for large-scale operations. Access plans, hazard points, space arrangements, safety data sheets and key operational data are important components of an effective action plan.



Production control system at Pollmann

Man, machine, company – the MES software that knows exactly what we need

The fact that production control works so well at Pollmann is due to a few very special people, and it is now high time to introduce them: From its start in 2006, the Waldviertel company RMTH has been focusing on programming a Manufacturing Execution System (EMS). Why is that so special for Pollmann? The two founders Roland Ertl and Hannes Hochleitner are previous Pollmann employees who were responsible for data acquisition and production control at our company.



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