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Welcome to Pollmann!

Welcome to the Pollmann website. Here you will find extensive information about the company, the products, services and people responsible for our high-quality portfolio. Pollmann International operates on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America – in the countries of China, U.S.A., Czech Republic and Austria. The headquarters are located in Karlstein, Austria. If you cannot find information you are looking for, please contact us by email or phone.

The new man for challenging times

New Managing Director at Pollmann Czech Republic

Drahomír Koudelka has been the new Managing Director of Pollmann Czech Republic since February 1, 2020 together with Sona Nováková.

While he certainly did not wish for these challenging times, he has the skills and experience to face them head on. With many years of professional experience in the automotive market and excellent language skills in Czech, English and German, Koudelka is eminently qualified for this responsible position.

Koudelka succeeds previous Managing Director Michael Hauer who left Pollmann at his own request to take on a new challenge. We regret this decision and thank Mr. Hauer for his many years of service in our company.

Tesla soon to face competition

The US as a promising green market: Despite conservative environmental policies and the corona crisis, electric drives are currently experiencing a spectacular boom in the United States.
The US is still considered the land of limitless opportunities, and that also applies to individual mobility. There is hardly any other place where motorists drive longer distances, where the brawny, gas-guzzling pick-up truck is such an obvious status symbol and where old white men (and they are not the only ones) insist more fiercely on their right to use as much crude oil as they please.


Information evening attracts 101 people: How Pollmann apprentices pursue successful careers all over the world.

Pollmann, an automotive supplier with headquarters in Karlstein and locations world-wide, is looking for eleven new apprentices to start in September. Applications will still be accepted until early March.

Karlstein, 2.7.2020. The response was overwhelming. On January 30, automotive supplier Pollmann from Karlstein invited young people and their parents to an apprentice information evening.  101 people from the region attended including 46 who were interested in apprenticeships. Pollmann plans to accept eleven new apprentices in seven apprenticeship-based occupations to start in September.


Maximilian Haitzer with colleague Kevin Peng

Having completed a Plastics Engineering apprenticeship, Maximilian Haitzer is off to a flying start in China

Successful apprenticeship graduates at Pollmann have the opportunity to work at one of the company’s international locations. Maximilian Haitzer is a perfect example. In 2013, Haitzer started his apprenticeship in Plastics Engineering at Pollmann in Karlstein. Since October 2019, he has been working at Pollmann China - initially for one year, but with the option to extend his assignment.


Break-through in E-Mobility!

Andreas Greulberger is convinced: “Electric vehicles will have reached price and range parity with internal combustion engine-powered vehicles before 2025.” Greulberger, Head of Innovation & Design at Pollmann, has been following battery cell manufacturers worldwide who are in the process of setting up new factories. By 2028, these capacities will be able to supply approx. 25% of all vehicles built each year with batteries for purely electrically powered vehicles (BEV).

But there's more. Andreas Greulberger also anticipates strong growth for hybrid models. This applies to all technical concepts and designs such as mild hybrids (MHV), hybrids (HV) and plug-in hybrids (PHV).


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